My Honeymoon in Malaysia and Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore are very beautiful country. Malaysia encompasses rugged mountain ranges and tropical rainforests, busy cities and peaceful villages, cool hill stations and over two hundred islands, tumbling rivers and jungles rich with wildlife. The coast is lined by clear water, soft sand and secluded bays shaded by palms and casuarinas. This is a land of cultural fusion- the indigenous Malays absorbed Chinese, India and European influences, blending them together to create “Raza Sayang”- a feeling of love. With its hospitable people, warm climate and many varieties of attraction-from river rafting to jungle trekking, golf to gaming, shopping to scuba diving- Malaysia has just about everything a holidaymaker could desire. Singapore presents the whole of South-East Asia in a microcosm. Europeans, Chinese, Malays, Indians, as well as other Asian people have brought their culture, religion, dress and cuisine, all happily assimilated into the Singaporean way of life. Food varies from inexpensive local favorites at outdoors eating stalls, to the finest international dishes in excellent restaurant. Shopping, whether in air-conditional malls or street bazaars, ranges from the latest electronics to antiques, from haute counter to herbal medicines-with the already keen prices being further slashed during the annual Great Singapore Sale. Entertainment encompasses everything-from Chinese theater to Indian movies, lively discotheques to heritage museums, hi-teach those parks to wildlife conservation reserves, family entertainment to cultural activities.


This is Malaysia
This is Singapore
  2006-2007 Flight to your destination on
Emirates, the word-winnung airline.

During the last summer holiday I decide to go to Malaysia and Singapore. After a long discussion with my husband, We deicide to do the following Schedule: ( Two days in Langkawi -Two days in Genting -three days in Kuala Lumpur-three days in Singapore).Before our travel we prepared everything our clothes and personal equipments. Also we prepared our money, as this trip cost us about 12000/-Dirhams.


This is 10 Dirhams
On Tuesday at 8:00pm was the time to start our trip to Singapore, the flight was from Dubai airport. But suddenly at the same day of our trip the airport called and informed us that the departure time is changed to 6:00 pm and the time we were informed was 5:00pm.So we prepared very quickly and because we were in Al-Ain so we had to leave directly for Dubai. When we got there the time was 7:00 pm, so the plane had gone already. After that employees in airport told us to wait until 8:00 pm. Then we waited until that time. At 8:00pm they told us that we are sorry the plane will be late until 7:00 am the next day, so they provided us a hotel in Dubai called Renaissance Dubai Hotel free for one night. After a 10 minutes drive we arrived at the hotel. It was very nice. We ate our special dinner; we ate a lot because it was free. After a big dinner we slept.

This is a room in Renaissance Dubai Hotel

On Wednesday we got up at 5:00 am and we got ready to go to the airport. After reporting to the airport and checking in I felt that it is time to leave then. Singapore flight staff gave everyone a box of chocolate to tell us that they are sorry for being late. We flew to Singapore.
It was about 7:30 am and we started the long journey. In the plane we sometimes watched movies and sometimes we ate and sometimes we slept. Until we arrived Singapore at around 7:00 pm as per the time of Singapore and about 4:00 time of Dubai. This trip took us about 9 hours by plane. When we arrived at the airport we found a taxi waiting for us because we had booked everything before we left. As the flight came late and we were supposed to go to Langkawi immediately, we missed the connection flight, but Singapore flight office booked for us another hotel in Singapore. First the driver took us to a wrong hotel. When we discovered that, we arranged another taxi to take us to the right one which was called Amara hotel. It is a new hotel in Singapore exactly in Sentosa. After we put our bags in the room we went to the hotel restaurant to eat our dinner. We discovered that they served only one meal because it was a new restaurant. The dish contained shrimp and rice. My husband is very sensitive to shrimps. So when he ate, he felt that there is something swollen in his stomach, because he didn’t know that it was shrimp when he ate. Then I started to worry. He left the restaurant and I went behind him. Then he started eating the chocolate so that he forgets what he had eaten. After one hour, we felt tired so we went to sleep.


This is singapore flight


These are Singapore flight stuff


This is Amara Hotel in Sentosa

On Thursday we got up at 12:00 noon. That is about 8:00am in Dubai. After we ate our breakfast, we got ready to go to Langkawi, we left for the airport. We arrived at the airport very early so walked inside the airport until 6:30. We saw shops and restaurants. At 6:30 we went inside the plan. At 6:00 we to arrived Langkawi and we supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but because the Singapore airplane arrived late, so we had only one day in Langkawi. .Then we went to the hotel called Sheraton Langkawi hotel. The hotel was very nice. It is bordered by sea and the rooms are separate from each other, between them there are trees and flowers. The weather was cold. After changing our clothes we walked around the hotel and we went near the sea. I t was very nice then we went to a restaurant to eat our dinner then we slept.


This our room in the hotel


This is the sea near the hotel

These pictures I took them around the hotel














On Friday we got up at 6:00 to walk around the hotel and to take pictures until 8:00.Then we went back to our room we changed our clothes and we ate our breakfast. Then at 9:00 we took a boat to go around freely. During the round we stopped in a cave we saw bats and many trees some of these trees are above the cave and inside the cave we saw their roots. Then we went to see fish farms. We saw many different kinds of fishes and we saw how they raise fish. Then we went to see how the birds are fed, especiallybrown eagle. All of these sights we saw them by boat in round freely. After that we went to the zoo. We saw different types of animals and I fed a rabbit. Then we went to world under the sea until 1:00 pm. by the time of Genting. Genting is near Kuala Lumpur so we visited Kuala Lumpur first then we went Genting as it is about five hours from Kuala Lumpur. We went to airport after we ate our lunch. At 4:00pm we arrived Kuala Lumpur. Then we took a bus to feel more comfortable. We arrived to Genting Highlands at about 9:00pm.It is a city of entertainment. We booked in the largest hotel in the world; it is called First World Hotel. It has a total of 6,118 rooms and is part of the Genting Highlands Resort and Casino. Then we slept.

These pictures of the Sheraton Langkawi Hotel


This is the boat


These pictures I took them inside the cave you can see bats and roots of trees


These pictures from fish farms you can see different kind of fish


These pictures of brown eagle


These pictures I took them from zoo you can see different kind of animals


These pictures of world under water


This is First world hotel in Genting the largest hotel in the world


On Saturday we got up at 12:00 noon then we went to Genting outdoor theme park. We played most of the games available, like boating, grand prix fun kart, matahari, pirate ship, Ripley’s believe it or not and many of these are in pictures.



Then at 10:00 pm we ate our dinner then we slept.


On Sunday we getup at 6:00 am, we had our breakfast then we went to Genting Indoor Theme Park. We played rchery, bowling, snooker, adult bumper, snow world, fantasy world video simulation machines, minitrain and many more like these in the picture until 12:00 pm.  



Then we went to the hotel to arrange our clothes in bags then we took a car at 1:00 pm to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived Kuala Lumpur at 4:00pm then we went to a hotel called Dorsett Regency Hotel. We took a rest for about two hours. Then we went out to walk around the place, after that we went to a restaurant to eat our dinner then we slept.

These pictures I took them when I was in Genting Indoor Theme Park


I took these pictures when I was going to Kuala Lumpur

On Monday after we got up we took a shower then we ate our breakfast. We stayed in the hotel until 5:00pm then we went to Iran restaurant to eat our lunch there. After that we went to the cinema until 11:00pm then we went to star bucks to drink coffee. Then we returned back and we slept.

These pictures from the hotel and around it.

On Tuesday we got up at 9:00 am we went to silver factory we saw how the made things from silver and how they designed them. Then we went to Shah Ali palace after that we went to silk factory and we bought four pieces of silk. Then we went to Bato cave where we saw many Indian people there and they prayed. Then we returned back to the hotel at 1:00pm. We took rest until 6:00pm then we ate our lunch. It contains meat and rice. Then we went to Indian temple where we saw how they prayed. Then we went to traditional chinees shops. After that we went to a restaurant to eat our dinner then we saw traditional dancing until 10:00 pm and we went back the hotel to sleep.

These pictures from sliver and slik factory

These pictures from Bato cave

This is our hotel

This is traditional dancing

On Wednesday we got up at 9:00 am then we went to KLCC bridge we entered all malls there and we bought gifts. Then we went to take tickets so that we can enter KLCC TWIN TOWER. So we went to KL and we ate our dinner in rotary restaurant, it is a place where we saw all places from above. Then we went back the hotel we took rest until 5:00 pm .After that we went to skin factory. We saw how they made from skin many things like bags and clothes. In the evening we went inside KL tower and we took there many pictures. Also we went to Sultan palace, international mosque and freedom square. We took many pictures. Then we ate shawarma. It is bread with meat. After that we went to the hotel to sleep.

These pictures I took them when I was in rotary restaurant

On Thursday morning at eight oclock we went to chocolate factory and we ate many different kinds of chocolate and we bought some of them. Then we went back hotel to arrange our bags as we supposed to go to the airport at 11:00 am. We arrived Singapore at 4:00 pm. We took rest then we went to eat our lunch in KentuckyThen we went to the cinema. After the film we decided to walk to the hotel. It was about 2.5 kilometers. So when we arrived the hotel we took a deep sleep.

On Friday we took rest until 2:00pm. Then we went to Sentosa Island by following vlrik then we went to play with cars. After that we went to underwater world by following vlrik again. Then we planned to go to safari so we waited in a hotel and we drunk coffee in a coffee shop. We waited until 6:00, and then we went by bus to safari. We saw many things there, like different kinds of animals, shops, restaurant and people dance with fair. Then we returned back to hotel and we slept.

I took these pictures when I was going to Sentosa Island

and these in Sentosa

These pictures from Safari you can see how people dance with fair



On Saturday we got up at 11:00 am we booked a taxi to take us to the airport because it was time to come back to our country. In the airport we ate our lunch in Mcdonnaz at 3:30 pm. Then we got into plane. We arrived Dubai at 7:00 pm and it was about 11:00 in Singapore.

In conclusion, it was a nice honeymoon and the trip also was very nice. I miss Malaysia and Singapore also I miss many things and I would like to visit Malaysia and Singapore again.


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